I’m Jess Hutchens, creator of the Fitset Online Coaching programs. I’m an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutritionist, Behavior Change Specialist, and Functional Training Specialist located in Scottsdale, AZ. I started personal training in 2014 and have wanted to share my passion for health and wellness with women ever since. My online workout programs are geared towards helping women feel strong, confident, and empowered in all aspects of life! 



In 2012, I was a third grade teacher and thought that was the way I was meant to serve people. My husband went into physical therapy school, so I became a certified personal trainer in order to keep up with him on the anatomy talk and because I genuinely loved working out.

I began training clients every day after school and on weekends. It slowly became my passion, and in 2015 I started my own business and decided not to sign my teaching contract for the next school year. I entered the fitness industry head on and have not looked back since. I have completed a couple more certifications through ACE and have gained lots of business and life experience along the way!


My freshman year of college I battled with a lot of anxiety and depression, and slowly put on nearly 50lbs of weight. My life consisted of binge-eating, body dysmorphia, and a lot of uncertainty. I finally hit a breaking point the next year and discovered my passion for the gym, where I was able to lose all of the weight I put on. Over the course of the next few years, I continued learning more about working out and nutrition. It became a lifestyle and I was finally feeling happy in my own skin.

In 2017, I decided to compete in not only one, but two, NPC Bikini Competitions, where I placed 3rd in my class in my first show ever. I’ve now competed in three bikini shows and have found a passion in this where I never thought possible. From bodybuilding, I have been able to find tools and tricks that have been able to help my clients progress in their own lives! I am passionate about showing women that they can live a balanced life without depriving and still reach their goals.

Fun Facts About Me:

My husband and I got married on 11/14/15!
I am the first born and have five brothers!
I’m 5’9!
I snort when I laugh.
I’m addicted to chocolate!

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