Bosu Full Body Workout

The Bosu Ball is a fun piece of equipment to incorporate in your workout! Click here to see 5 moves you can use with the Bosu Ball!

Article by Jess Hutchens / Photos by James Patrick Photography

If you have a limited amount of space for your home gym, or a small amount of time to get a good workout in, the Bosu Ball is a great piece of exercise equipment to utilize. You can easily store a Bosu, or use one at the gym if it is a busy time of day and you still want to get a quality full-body workout in. The Bosu ball is also an amazing piece to incorporate to improve core stability and strength. Get an amazing full-body workout in using only a Bosu with this five exercise workout routine.

Exercise #1: Bosu Split Lunge

Start in a split stance, placing one foot directly on top of the center of the Bosu with knee behind toes and other foot back behind you. Slowly lower your trunk, keeping shoulders and back straight up the entire time. Make sure to place majority of weight in leg that is on top of Bosu, and stabilizing with your core the entire time. Inhale on the way down, and exhale on the way up. If this move is too challenging, place Bosu by a wall to hold onto for support. For a challenge, grab dumbbells. Complete 3 sets of 12 reps on each leg. 

Exercise #2: Bosu Push up

Start by placing hands on top of handles on the Bosu, or place hands shoulder-width apart. Bring chest down towards top of Bosu, inhaling on the way down. Slowly go as low as you can, allowing your chest to stabilize your body. Exhale on the way up. Modify by placing knees down on mat to do a knee push-up. Complete 3 sets of 12-16 reps. 

Exercise #3: Bosu Burpee to Row 

Start in a plank position with hands on top of Bosu handles and feet shoulder width apart. Jump forward with feet, bend over slightly making sure to keep core straight, and lift Bosu up to belly button in a row position. Slowly lower Bosu back to ground, jump back, and repeat sequence over again. Complete 3 sets of 16-20 reps. 

Exercise #4: Bosu Ab Crunches

Start by sitting on Bosu and slowly lowering body so that lower back is laying completely on it. Fold fingers and place directly behind neck to support head during crunch. Keep head parallel to ceiling at all times and elbows pointing up entire time. Using your abdomen, lift core up and then slowly lower. Exhale on the way up, and inhale on the way down. Complete 3 sets of 20-30 reps.

Exercise #5: Bosu Side Plank with Arm Reach

Starting on your side, place forearm straight across Bosu ball. Feet can go stacked on top of each other or can be heel to toe. Raise core off of ground and hold up the entire time. Using top arm, raise hand straight up to sky and then lower back down. To modify, place knees on ground. For a challenge, grab a light weight to hold in top hand. Complete 10-15 reaches on each arm. 

As Featured in Scottsdale Health Magazine:

What is your favorite Bosu Ball exercise??? Comment below, I’d love to try it!

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