How to Get Back on Track After the Holidays

Here are a few tips I have to immediately get back on track with your goals after the holidays! Click here to find out more!

Christmas has come and gone, and I know so many of us are struggling to get back on the healthy bandwagon. Here are a few tips I have to immediately get back on track with your goals after the holidays!

Tip #1: Get to the Grocery Store

I have been so busy running around for last minute holiday shopping this week that our fridge has been slowly becoming an empty abyss.

We have been eating out or eating at family’s house the last few days, so buying groceries hasn’t been the top priority.

But, it’s the day after Christmas and all yummy things must come to an end. My first tip is to get to the grocery store ASAP to stock back up on healthy foods.

Purchase lots of fresh fruits and veggies, frozen vegetable, and keep beans and veggie rice/pastas in the pantry. Get back to purchasing the foods that ensure you are on track and getting towards your goals.

Oh, and DO NOT BUY JUNK. This is hard since sweets have been passed around the last couple of weeks, but don’t buy treats that are too tempting for you.

Tip #2: Get Back to Cooking at Home

Now that you’re all stocked up on groceries, get back to making meals at home.

This ensures you know what is going in your food, unlike eating out where they add tons of sodium and oils.

Fight the urge to go out to eat or order Uber Eats. Make your own food!!

Tip #3: Get Back to the Gym

The longer you aren’t in the gym, the easier it is to not go. This tip is HUGE because getting to the gym is a super important habit to create, and if you break it, it’s harder to get back into.

Today, the day after Christmas, I hit the gym as soon as I could to make sure that I did not break my habit of going.

Even if your workout is only 15-20 minutes long, step foot into the gym and do the best you can.

Tip #4: Remember Your Goals

Now that the holidays have passed, it’s important to get back to reminding yourself of your goals.

It’s so easy to make the “I’m busy” excuse when preparing for the holidays, but you have to remember what you want and why you want it.

Get a head start before January first and write out your goals and start actively working towards them. No excuses.

Tip #5: Find a Coach

If you’re struggling to reach your goals, I challenge you to find a coach for 2020.

Whether it’s a life coach, business coach, fitness coach, financial coach- whatever your case may be- I strongly recommend hiring a coach!

Investing in my health and in my business is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

If you’re looking for a coach to reach your health and mindset goals, feel free to click here and fill out my coaching application, or find another coach! Whoever it is, seek guidance and reach your goals today!

Welcome! I’m Jess Hutchens. This is my fitness, nutrition, and mindset blog where you will find tips for lifelong wellness success!



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