4 of My Favorite Journals

Journaling and goal-setting are my favorite things to do! I've obtained quite the collection of journals. Click here to see my 4 favorite notebooks to use!

Journaling and goal-setting are my favorite things to do for mindset! Throughout the years, I’ve obtained quite the collection of journals and notebooks to write in, and I wanted to share with you my top 4 favorite notebooks to use!

1. Anthropologie Journal

This is the journal I use to write all of my thoughts and basically ANYTHING down. It is a plain notebook with lined paper. Any time I need to clear my head, I write all of my thoughts into this.

Link to a similar one here:

2. Do One Thing Every Day Mindfulness Journal

I received this journal as a gift from one of my clients and I’m seriously obsessed with it! It has prompts and ideas that you can write about every day! I love looking back and reading the fun answers I’ve provided throughout the years.

Link for it here:

3. Start Today Goal-Setting Journal

This is my all-time favorite journal to have! It is by the Hollis Co. It has you start off by writing out 5 things you’re thankful for (gratitude meditation) each day, followed by 10 goals you have in your life that you want to achieve or accomplish. I have written out my goals daily since January 1st, 2017, so this journal has been the most applicable to my daily life!

(Note: the yellow notebook is always on back order due to high demand, so I’ve linked their white one which is the exact same!)

Link for similar one here:

4. Create & Cultivate Notebook

This is another notebook I received from a client and it’s seriously the cutest thing by Create & Cultivate! In this notebook, I write out all of my creative ideas that I have for my business. Any blog posts, photo shoots, content ideas, etc. I will jot down in here.

Link for their shop:

How many of you use journals?? Do you write your goals out daily in a set place? I love having a place to get all of my ideas and creativity out! We journaled as 1st graders, I highly recommend journaling as an adult, too!

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