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Spring break is coming, and with that many people want to get in shape! Here is a full-body high-intensity barbell workout!

Spring Break High Intensity Barbell Workout

Featured in March issue of Scottsdale Health Magazine!

Photos by James Patrick

Many people get excited for spring break as it’s a time to take trips to the beach or lay out by the pool. If you are wanting to get a little more prepared for swim-suit season and spring break this March, try adding in this high intensity barbell workout the next time you hit the gym.

For this workout, you will need a barbell and plates, a cushion, and a free interval timer app on your phone (or a wall clock). Complete these three circuits three times through. Do 30 seconds fast for the high interval and 10 seconds rest for slow interval. 

Circuit #1: Barbell Squats followed by Jump Squats

Barbell Squats

Start with the bar on the upper part of your back and standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Slowly squat down by keeping your knees apart and moving your hips back as if sitting down on a chair. Squat down until your hips are lower than your knees, making sure to not let your knees cave in. Squat back up to starting position with your chest up and hips coming back to neutral, not thrusting forward. Deep breath in on the way down and exhaling on the way up. 

Jump Squats

Start with feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down, swinging arms back as you lower your body. Propel yourself up into the air back in starting position, with arms raised above your head. Land back into the squat position, carefully distributing weight evenly onto feet and not just on toes. Go as fast as you can. 

Circuit #2: Barbell Deadlifts followed by Burpees 

Barbell Deadlifts

Start with your feet slightly under the barbell and legs almost shoulder-width apart. Next, bend over and grab the barbell with an overhand grip that is shoulder-width apart, keeping a huge focus on making sure your back is completely straight and not rounded. Hinge forward by bending your knees so that your shins are touching the barbell. Next you will hinge back up, lifting your chest and straightening your back. Slowly lower back down, keeping your back straight, and repeating the movement. Exhale on the way up, inhale on the way down. 


Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and having your arms down at your sides. Bend your knees down and reach forward to place your hands on the ground. Kick your legs back so that your body is straight, and lower your body into a pushup position by bending your elbows and lowering your trunk. Push back up and straighten arms, bring legs forward, and go back to starting position. Go as fast as you can. 

Circuit #3: Barbell Hip Thrusts

Hip Thrusts

Sit down and roll the barbell over your hips, then bring your feet back towards your body and keep legs shoulder-width apart. Plant feet firmly on ground. Raise your back so that the bottom of your shoulder blades are on the bench. Keep your head facing forward at all times, tucking your chin down and not letting head fall back. Raise your hips so that you are 90 degrees, and focus on tilting your pelvis back and squeezing your glutes at the top. Slowly lower. Be sure to exhale on the way up and inhale on the way down. 

As Featured in Scottsdale Health Magazine’s March 2020 Issue

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