Fitset Booty Bands!

For years my new clients would ask me which booty bands I recommend, and I’ve always referred the ones I like off Amazon.

A big goal of mine has always been to have FITSET branded products/attire for clients, and I’m so excited to have finally launched my own bands!

Resistance bands are a fun addition to any leg or glute exercise, and I personally love using fabric ones for an extra burn. Bands add an extra resistance to the muscle groups being worked, and I always feel my heart rate spike!

You will receive a pack of 3 fabric bands with a mesh carrier bag!

What’s Included:

The product listed on my website will come with 3 different fabric resistance bands and a mesh bag for storage. I wanted to provide clients with a range of resistances for various exercises versus only one band that might not work for everything.


The teal band is considered the “Large” size, which is the lowest resistance. This one is great for providing a little more range of motion, and can be placed around the calves for exercises like sumo squats or leg abductions.

The pink band is considered the “Medium” side, with is a medium resistance. I like this one for squats, fire hydrants, kick backs, and clamshells.

The purple band is the “Small” and highest resistance, which I think works well for shorter women or those who enjoy an intense burn. These ones are my favorite for monster walks, abductions, and clamshells as well.

Link to the Bands:

If you would like to order some of your own bands, you can shop here:

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