How I’m Staying Positive Through COVID-19

There is a lot of chaos going on in the world right now during this COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to read about ways that are helping me stay positive!

There is a lot of chaos going on in the world right now during this COVID-19 pandemic. People are scared, fearful, and confused about when this is all going to end, and the unknown is definitely taking a toll on people’s mental health. There are a few things that I am practicing every single day to help stay positive and hopeful during such an unknown time.

1. Sticking to a Morning Routine:

Gratitude/Goal-Setting and Journaling

I have been working from home now for 3 weeks, and one of the biggest things that has changed about my day is that I now actually have time for a morning routine! I usually am up at 5am and out the door by 5:20am, so a morning routine has not been something I’ve been able to implement.

I am taking full advantage of being able to sleep in a little longer, and have since changed up my morning routine to start the day on a more positive note!

First thing in the morning, after tending to my pups, I grab my coffee and journals and sit on the patio to journal. I do not get on my phone or turn on the news!!

If you’ve read my last blog post about all my journals (linked here) then you know I have quite the collection, haha. I’ll walk you through the order in which I journal every morning to get in a good head-space:

  1. Gratitude/Goal-Setting- First, I always write 5 things I’m thankful for, and then 8-10 goals I have for life. This gets my mind into a space of gratitude and excitement.
  2. Next, I will journal all of my thoughts for the morning into my teal blank notebook. I might write about anything that’s making me anxious, worried, excited, happy, etc. Whatever is on my mind that morning I will write it.
  3. Create Journal- this is my Create and Cultivate Journal that I will brainstorm anything creative that I want to do for the day to help my business/clients and to serve people. I will write the workout videos I want to record, content I want to talk about, etc.

Basically, I am starting my day off full of positive thoughts and energy, or if I am feeling anxious, I am getting that energy all out into my journals so I do not continue fixating on it.

2. Limiting Watching the News

Obviously I want to stay educated and informed, but limiting the amount of news coverage I’ve been watching has been a game-changer.

Around 3 weeks ago when shit started hitting the fan, I had the news on from morning to afternoon, and then on again in the evening when my husband got home. From this, I was consumed with fear and worry ALL DAY and had an overwhelming sense of anxiety take over me.

Last week I decided that enough was enough, and started limiting the amount of news I was watching. I am staying informed about numbers and protocol for the public, but I am not listening to hours on end of news reporters covering this. My husband is also a champion at summarizing news for me, so I am reading only what I need to, versus all day everyday. As a result, my anxiety has decreased substantially.

3. Continuing Working Out & Eating Clean

The biggest struggle for many of us may be transitioning to home workouts and not emotional eating our lives away. Gyms have all officially closed, so people are forced to work out from home. Cookies and extra wine may have snuck their way into the pantries…

I have been forcing myself to stay consistent with my workout schedule and eating habits even though I might not feel like it. I keep reminding myself that I am so lucky and blessed to even have the option to work out from home. I am remembering that I do not need to eat because I am feeling stressed or bored.

Working out and eating the best foods I can has been helping my mind and body not completely whither away. Endorphins are still flowing and I feel really good after my home workouts are complete.

4. LOTS of Walks Outdoors

Instead of being cooped up all day, we have been taking a lot of walks, which my dogs are 100% always down for!

This fresh air has given me time to reflect and think deeply about a lot of things in life.

Yes, this pandemic sucks and I feel awful for everyone suffering with this virus. Yes, I am scared my loved-ones who are high-risk could get it and die. Yes, I wish this would end so our economy can go back to the way it was.

However, during these walks, I am trying to focus on all of the blessings that could come out of this:

  1. The Earth is healing itself by people being forced to stay inside.
  2. Families are spending more time than ever together.
  3. Parents are able to teach their kids and be there for them.
  4. We as a society are being forced to SLOW DOWN.

All of these things cross my mind during my walks, and I can’t help but focus on the fact that there is a little good coming out of this very weird, difficult time.

5. Meditating/Wim Hof Breathing

Another thing I’ve always wanted to implement daily but was always “too busy” to do is the Wim Hof Breathing Method.

Wim Hof is the freaking man, and if you haven’t heard of him I highly recommend watching some of his Youtube videos!! His whole focus is mind over matter, and there are tons of studies that back up his methods.

I have been able to implement Wim Hof’s breathing method daily now, and it’s honestly so awesome! It’s a guided meditation that has you practice his breathing techniques. I feel so amazing afterwards. Seriously try it!!!

6. Remembering That This WILL End

Another way I’ve been able to remain positive throughout this crazy time is reminding myself that this WILL end some day. Although we don’t know when, it is reassuring to remember that the state we are all currently in is not permanent.

I know it’s a struggle for us to not have control, but just remember that this will be gone some day, so try to stay positive and hopeful.

We are going to get through this!!

Welcome! I’m Jess Hutchens. This is my fitness, nutrition, and mindset blog where you will find tips for lifelong wellness success!



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